Supra is not just a place to celebrate,
but a celebration of life itself.


We invite you to open up and discover something new, to delight in the unfolding of surprises, and most of all to forge meaningful memories with friends.


Supra is a cultural destination designed to be a full sensory experience. Through art, music, design, programming and food, Supra tells the story of the human spirit that unites us regardless of nationalities or religions. It speaks to our innate needs to feel inspired and connected to something greater than ourselves.

our story

Supra is not only a place to celebrate, but a celebration of life itself. We believe in art as a means of telling the stories that help us evolve. We love our planet, our only home; therefore we do not use single-use plastics and our menu is 50% vegetarian. We source locally and seasonally as often as possible. We envision a world in which people and communities are valued above all else, and that collectively from this place, we can create a future worth looking forward to. 

Fusioning mediterranean and asian flavors, SUPRA has been known for playing with foreign ingredients that create a sense of home in our palates. Led by an experimental team of chefs in Mexico with international trajectories aligned with our philosophies.


SUPRA offers a wide range of events and experiences in its space that invites and collaborates with a larger global network of dreamers and creators. From holistic and wellness gatherings to international guest chefs and electronic musical sunsets, you can be sure to expect the unexpected any given weekend…


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Mon: Closed

Tue – Fri: 13.00  –  01.00

Sat – Sun: 11.00 – 01.00


Reservation needed. Tables held for 15 minutes only from reservation time.