Supra, in latin, means above and beyond. Our programme strives to elevate the human experience through its fundamental elements: what we eat and drink, hear and see, how we meditate and celebrate.


Music is the highest form of art, the invisible connector of people, and our biggest passion. We select local and international talent that resonates with our cosmopolitan-ethnic space, and the ever-changing emotion of our 360° skyline.


Consciousness is the essence in common to all beings, that transcends body, intellect, intuition, and blooms in the heart. We present you a wide array of undogmatic holistic experiences for you to find your own body-mind-soul practice.


Spices began their journey 4,000 years ago, touching and influencing the biggest civilizations. Our menu tells the story of the spice trade and how flavors have connected humans since the dawn of time. We hope you enjoy this journey around the world, one that will take you back home to the heart of Mexico.


We feature permanent and temporary art pieces that inspire us to improve our own and everyone else’s present moment, by continually provoking contemplation, reflection, and admiration.